Geography Opt. - DAMP'23


Score Enhancement Techniques & Answer Writing Enrichment To Score 300+

One On One Handholding/ Mentoring Sessions

Daily guided Geography optional answer writing practice under mentorship of faculty

Top Rank in CSE '21

AIR - 1 - Shruti Sharma

Top Rank in CSE '21

AIR - 6 - Yaksh Choudhary

Features & Benefits

  • Need to refer to multiple sources -websites, government reports for value addition & enhancing answer writing skills
  • Lack of guided mentorship to understand mistakes in answer writing
  • Unstructured Answers & Poor Time/Space Management
  • Fear of Answer Writing & non availability of handwritten PYQ model answers.
  • Daily 2 questions will be provided on basis of pre assigned schedule for writing answers.
  • The answers will be evaulated by faculty.
  • practice daily answer writing on basis of PYQ themes, and most important themes for Geography Optional papers 2023.
  • techniques & tips under guided mentorship to enhance scores to 300 + in Geography optional Papers.
  • Learn Score Enhancement Techniques + Generating Unlimited Dimensions for any Mains Answer
  • Handwritten Model Answers
  • One to one guided mentorship with faculty
  • Available in both offline & online mode