NEEV NCERT Foundation 2023


Recorded sessions with dedicated faculty for each subject

Hawk-eye information grasping of important concepts

7 high - quality NCERT based tests for enhanced assessment and improvement

Top Rank in CSE '20

AIR - 8

Top Rank in CSE '19

AIR - 3

Features & Benefits

  • Unrealized reading of NCERTs for the sake of it
  • Unable to understand and link various concepts
  • Unstructured learning methods creating confusion
  • Lack of testing framework for guided assessments
  • Coverage of all 7 subjects (Polity, Economy, Geography, Science, Environment, Society, Disaster Management)
  • Including old and new NCERTs
  • Crisp and concise summary notes for Quick Revision
  • Recorded sessions with flexibility of watching multiple times
  • Personal preparation roadmap by MK Sir
  • Included 7 tests for early detection of strengths and weakness
  • Guided improvement plans
  • Helps in developing linkages between inter-subject concepts